Organize Me Sally

Kitchen/Laundry Area Re-Organization

After we had some built-in cabinetry added to our dining room, Sally reorganized the contents of our kitchen and dining room cabinets so that we were fully realizing the potential of the expanded space.  She also reorganized the contents of some new shelving we had recently added in our laundry room.  We are making much better use of our space since Sally helped us, and I would definitely use her again.  As a follow-up, she also recommended an organizing magazine that I might like, and sent me Pinterest link about how to better organize my son's bath toys.  We've now implemented the bath toy idea, and it's working very well.

- Melissa J.   Austin, TX

Storage Room

Jewelry Studio Conversion 

Sally and I clicked from the day we met and that's what helped me to hire her as my organizer! 

Her services were indeed very "organized", she had the project in order and was able to accomplish what needed to be completed based on the goals we set up together.

I am thankful because she kept me on my toes and was able to complete the work that I had been putting off for years.

I am looking forward to working the next project together with Sally !

Thank you!

- Claudia C.  Austin, TX 

Home and Office Re-Organization

I would highly recommend Sally Grayum of Organize Me Sally for your home and office organizational needs.  Sally helped me with organizing and coming up with visually appealing and logical solutions for all areas of my home and office.  She had specific recommendations for streamlined systems for my desk, filing system, bookshelves and storage cabinets.  It makes such a difference to walk into my office and home and see clutter free spaces !

- Mary M.  Austin, TX

Residential Move In 

I'm a man with little time and even less patience for detailed matters in areas I don't enjoy.  This could not have been a better experience.  Sally does more than meet your basic needs.  She prepares a smooth transition in every way.  Moving to Austin meant I needed a new everyone and everything.  She provided a comprehensive list of recommended lawn care, cleaners, pet groomers, home decorators, grocery, you name it. Sally was on top of it.  She unpacked my whole home in a functioning, easy -to-maintain style and spent time teaching me great tips.  No matter how organized you are (or think you are), Organize Me Sally is one of the most helpful services out there.

- David H.  Austin, TX